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There are a lot of reasons that people that play Ultimate love it so much.  Our goal is to teach kids the reason that we love it so much.  We will teach skills and learn to play, but we will also learn how to be good teammates and play with respect, while still being competitive.

We encourage our players to play other sports and don't expect that players will be able to make every practice or tournament.  It's our hope to expose youth to the sport.  We especially look forward to exposing kids to one of the most fun parts of the sport, which are the tournaments.  We will attend a few tournaments in the Midwest every year, have a few practices before each tournament, and have some fun doing it. 

Since we are in the "Capital City of Ultimate", at practices we will also try and expose our players to some of the talented men's and women's players that Madison has to offer. 

If this sounds like something you or your child wants to do, shoot us a note and come out to play! You can join at any time throughout the year or for any tournament.  We provide equitable playing time and want kids to learn how to play with each other. Come out and play!

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